vCenter 7.0 U1 Auto Deploy points to the wrong IP

vCenter 7.0 U1 Auto Deploy points to the wrong IP

Recently I upgraded my vCenter 6.7 U3 to vCenter 7.0 U1. During this upgrade, my Auto Deploy configuration was not adopted correctly.

After the vCenter upgrade, the iPXE Boot URL was incorrect. It pointed to the IP of the VCHA (vCenter High Availability) Nic and those IP was not available from the ESXi Subnet.

To fix this issue, you have to connect to your vCenter via SSH and fill the correct IP between the <serviceAddress> </serviceAddress> in the file /etc/vmware-rbd/autodeploy-setup.xml.

Using username "root".

VMware vCenter Server

Type: vCenter Server with an embedded Platform Services Controller

Connected to service

    * List APIs: "help api list"
    * List Plugins: "help pi list"
    * Launch BASH: "shell"

Command> shell
Shell access is granted to root
root@vcsa01 [ ~ ]# cat /etc/vmware-rbd/autodeploy-setup.xml


    </Config>root@vcsa01 [ ~ ]#

Now you have to restart the Auto Deploy Service or the complete vCenter.

One thought on “vCenter 7.0 U1 Auto Deploy points to the wrong IP

  1. I had the same issue.
    In the autodeploy-setup.xml I had the filled correctly with VCSA FQDN. However, VCSA for unknown reason resolved that to the internal VCHA IP.

    My current issue is that my DHCP and TFTP subnet is not routable and different than VCSA Auto Deploy IP (DHCP: 192.168.100.x/24 – VCSA IP: 22.x.x.x/32). so when the targeted ESXi get an IP from DHCP it can reach to the TFTP but will fail obtaining the boot loader / image from Auto Deploy as it’s running on a different subnet.
    I was thinking of adding additional IP to VCSA from the DHCP/TFTP subnet, but found that is not supported/recommended based on this KB: in the “Caution” section.

    Thank you.

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