How to: UCS to MDS Port Channel

How to: UCS to MDS Port Channel

The last Days I want to create a Port Channel between my UCS Chassis and my MDS Switch. See how to configure and get some hints.

Remember, during this configuration you loose one FC-Uplink! So check if your Blades see the Paths over both Fabrics!

On my first try I didn’t get it up. This had to do with the old Firmware of my MDS Switches. So we had to Upgrade to 6.X Release. (

At the second starting point I go with the following Versions:

  • Cisco UCS 2.2.(7c)
  • Cisco MDS 6.2(19)

Before we create the Channel we have to check:

  • Cisco MDS
    • Feature npiv (enabled)
    • Feature fport-channel-trunk (enabled)
    • Put both ports fot the Channel in the same VSAN

Check Feature:

Enable Feature:

At the next Step we configure the PortChannel in the UCS GUI:

Go to “SAN” Tab, “Create Port Channel”, Add ID and a Name, Add Ports, Finish.

After creating, Disable Port Channel and choose VSAN if you do not use the default VSAN1.

I use the UCS Ports 25+27 in VSAN 3370

So now let’s configure the MDS Switch:

I use the MDS Ports 10+24 in VSAN 3370

Now enable the Port Channel in UCS GUI and go back to MDS.

If the Channel does not come up, check if your Ports are up! Maybe you have to do a “no shutdown” on the interface.

Back to GUI. You should see that the Channel is up.

Enjoy and share 😉 !

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