stumbling blocks in upgrading Cisco UCS (Part 2of2)

stumbling blocks in upgrading Cisco UCS (Part 2of2)

Check Datapaths

It’s important to check at UCS AND your application (in my case VMware ESXi)

If all you have paths redundant, you can start updating …

Activate UCS Manager

At this point there is no impact for your paths. Its only the management instance.

But you will be logged out for one or two minutes. Log in again an check your Version.

Update IO Modules (Subordinate)

Now its important to grab your Subordinate IO Modules. Normally the IO Module 1 is connected to FI (A). But double check your Cables before 😉

BTW: Cross cabeling is not supported!

Select your IO Module and hit Update (Not Activate)

This took about < 10 minutes in my case.

Activate IO Modules (Subordinate)

When your update is complete, you can activate them now. Check the “Set Startup Version Only”

Activate FI (Subordinate)

This is the most critical step. Your multipathing have to work correctly now 😉

In my case I had some more troubles with this firmware  2.2(3d) BUG63966 because the FI reboots and comes up uncofigured. Cisco TAC Support fixed that in an 6 hour call ….

But back to normal upgrade.

You have to pick also your Subordinate FI and choose the lastest version available. Your FI reboots about 20-30 minutes. Be patient and no worrys about the alerts the you will see 😉

Here I lost my Fibrechannel link

After the upgrade of the FI, it came up, but the FC link didn’t.

You can see this failures in the MDS Log:

I make it short, to fix this you should take care about the vsan trunking setting. Here your could see at UCS side its off.

And at MDS side, it should be off, too.

Again, Check Datapaths

It’s important to check at UCS AND your application (in my case VMware ESXi)

Halftime 😉

Failover FI

If you have all paths up and running, you should move the primary FI to subordinate.

You will be disconnected if you have UCS Manager GUI open. Wait a minute an log in again.

Next steps are the same for the other Fabric:

  • Update IO Modules (Now Subordinate)
  • Activate IO Modules (Now Subordinate)
  • Activate FI (Now Subordinate)
  • Check Datapaths

Upgrade Servers/Blades

When you upgrade as discribed, don’t forget to upgrade your Servers too. (Firmware & Drivers)

Reward yourself


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