Get all the VMworld 2016 Sessions

Get all the VMworld 2016 Sessions

Updated: The Sessions US are no more available on this way, but the EU 😉

You want all the Sessions from VMworld 2016?

First, you have to download this raw_download_urls File. In this file the URL’s are listed.

Now, download the MP4-Files in PowerShell 😉

$Filelocation = "c:\myFolder\raw_download_urls.txt" #Change the Location to your Path
$SaveLocation = "c:\myFolder\" #Change the Location to your Path
$List = Import-CSV $Filelocation -Header "ID", "Link" -Delimiter "#"
If (Get-Module BitsTransfer -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) {
    Write-Host "Using BITS transfer for faster more reliable downloads"

Foreach ($Session in $List) {
    if (Test-Path "$($Savelocation)$($Session.ID).mp4") {
        Write-Host "$($Session.ID) already downloaded... Skipping"
    } Else {
        Write-Host "Downloading Session $($Session.ID)"
        If ($Bits) {
            Start-BitsTransfer -Source $Session.Link -Destination "$($Savelocation)$($Session.ID).mp4"
        } Else {
            Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $Session.Link -OutFile "$($Savelocation)$($Session.ID).mp4"

Enjoy !




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