Report your VM growth per Cluster (Part 2of2 Format Data)

Report your VM growth per Cluster (Part 2of2 Format Data)

In my last post, we collected data with PowerCLI scripts to build some graphs and numbers in Excel.

Let’s start fomating this data!

The prerequisite is our 4 Reports we created earlier:

  1. VMs per Cluster
  2. Count Guest OS
  3. Host Inventory
  4. Datastore Inventory

First we create a new Spreadsheet with 5 Tabs.


For all reports we do an import “from web” (sorry for my german Excel, but I’m sure you will find the options we need)

like this:


Place the adress to your reports location.

Go straight forward with the others.

Total VMs per Cluster Chart

When you imported all your reports, go to “Report”- tab and insert a line graph.

You select the data like this:

Guest OS Chart

to view the Guest OS Counts you insert a new graph with the following settings:

Report All VMs Chart

for the last report we have to use a Excel function to get the last value in the column. Important for this function is, that you enter it with “CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER”

The complete sample file you can get here:


Of course, the automatic connection to the report files is cancelled in this file.

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