How big is your vCenter DB?

How big is your vCenter DB?

I just want to know how much space does your vCenter DB consume and what are your biggest tables?

Earlier on my vCenter 5.5 we had a 90 GB Database. I shrinked it to 40 GB before i started my upgrade to vCenter 6.

To my environment:

  • Windows 2008 R2
  • MS SQL 2008 R2 Standard
  • vCenter 6.0 U2 (Upgraded from 5.1 Ux, to 5.5 U1 to 5.5 U3 )
  • around 900 VMs (700 running)
  • 40 Hosts
  • Backup every day with Veeam (direct SAN Mode)

Now my vCenter DB has 69 GB and 165 GB transaction logs. That sounds huge, isn’t it? So i talked to VMware Support, they gave me some scripts to shrink the Database (those I had already) and said that’s normal for that environment.

SQL Script to get the biggest tables:

select object_name(id) [Table Name],
[Table Size] = convert (varchar, dpages * 8 /1024) + 'MB'
from sysindexes where indid in (0,1)
oder by dpages desc

What do you think? How big are your DB’s?

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